Based on the vision of the mother company, “SMASCO“, and in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision in supporting the Health Care sector to reduce the burden of occupying hospital beds and medical Cities by cases that can be taken care of at home and to ensure continuity of providing high quality of services to the patient in his home and to support the patient’s companions who are an essential part of home health care services.

SMASCO decided to enter this field in 2018 by establishing the Saudi Medical Services Company (Adeed), which is a company specialized in home health care services.

Adeed is a modern business model in the Saudi market for home medical services that provides medical care at home for most medical cases which includes medical examination, laboratory and x-ray services.


A word used to describe a support person with the role of providing emotional and moral support, ensuring that you have someone that stands by you in every shape, way or form.