Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights at Home Health Care:

  1. Be informed about the organization’s mission statement which is “To provide quality Home Health Care with compassion where our patients are our Family”.
  2. Be informed about their rights in a manner they can understand.
  3. Access treatment, services and care necessary to help regain or maintain his/her maximum state of health regardless race, religion, gender, marital status, ethnicity, age, disability or source of payment.
  4. Be treated with consideration and respect with recognition of his/her individuality and dignity, including reasonable visual and auditory privacy during personal hygiene activities, clinical procedures, consultation, examination and treatment.
  5. Privacy from staff, other patients or family members as desired.
  6. Privacy and confidentiality of health information as required by law and to have this information protected from loss or misuse.
  7. To be cared for by health providers who are qualified through education and experience and who perform the service for which they are responsible efficiently.
  8. Expect that the health care providers are educated about their role in identifying patients’ values and beliefs and protecting patient rights.
  9. Participate in the care process.
  10. Have information provided in a way and language they understand.
  11. Appropriate assessment and management of pain.
  12. Be informed of the process in order to participate in care decisions to the extent he/she wishes to participate.
  13. Refuse or discontinue treatment to the extent permitted by law.
  14. Be informed of his/her responsibilities and consequences related to his/her decision to refuse treatment.
  15. Ask questions when he/she does not understand his/her care treatment or service provided or what he/she is expected to do.
  16. Be fully informed of the scope of services provided by the Adeed and how to access those services.
  17. Identify legal guardian to make decisions for him/her when the patient is unable or unwilling to make decisions regarding the treatment plan.
  18. Provide safe and secure environment during the treatment session and protection from any type of sexual, verbal, or neglect and ill treatment.
  19. Be informed in advance about the cost of his/her care, including the right to look at and receive reasonable explanation of the total bill and detailed charges for service received for self-pay patients.
  20. Receive explanation of all papers he/she is asked to sign.
  21. Obtain a second opinion upon his/her request.
  22. Refuse to sign a consent form if it was not explained to him/her to his/her satisfaction.
  23. Notify the Client’s Experience coordinators of any complaint, conflict, and difference of opinion related to patient care or violations of his/her rights, safety or security.