Because you are the educator of generations, we thought about facilitating the provision of care for you and your child:

 Medical team Services:

  1. Women’s annual examination:
    Pap smear – ultrasound of the uterus.
  2. Pregnancy:
    – Pregnancy Follow-up.
    – Special Laboratory analysis for pregnancy.
    – Ultrasound follow-up during pregnancy.
    – Three Educational courses for pregnancy, fetal development, natural changes in the months during pregnancy and readiness for delivery.
    – Birth care and breastfeeding courses.
    – Healthy exercises before birth for the muscles of the vagina to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis.
    – Post-natal follow-up.
    – Childcare and postpartum nursing courses.
    – Preparing for postpartum reception: (Processing souvenirs – themes of the reception – planning and implementation of reception).
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