1. Patient / family should identify one person who will be responsible for the communication with HHC.
  2. Patient / family should update their information in case there is any change in the patient’s location or contact numbers.
  3. Patient / family should treat Adeed’s staff in an appropriate manner.
  4. Family must have one caregiver / or family member present in the treatment session who may ask questions related to the patient care / patient condition but must not interfere with the treatment session.
  5. The patient is required to be ready and clean for the session before the arrival of the HHC team.
  6. Please make sure to have your meal and prescribed medications by your doctor prior to the visit.
  7. Family must prepare a place for the team in which they can provide their services without interruptions such as: having the TV on, having visitors or other family members around during the session to protect the patient’s privacy.
  8. The patient must stay in a permanent home and location in order to complete HHC program. If patient has to change his/her location HHC continuity of HHC service will depend on the availability of our schedule in the said location.
  9. Your length of stay is based on the clinical treatment team’s professional recommendations and is subject to change according to your medical and rehabilitation needs throughout the program.
  10. The team will provide you with the (Confirmation of Service Form) for your signature on every visit to confirm the provided service.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. In case of the pre-cancellation or rescheduling for a single visit, we would appreciate it if you contact us at least 24 hours before the scheduled visit excluding the weekends. Otherwise the service will be fully charged to the client account.
  2. In case the client wishes to cancel the contract prior the start of the treatment plan, cancellation request must be submitted at least one week before the beginning of the treatment plan, otherwise client will be subject to a percentage of 5% cancellation fees.
  3. In case the client wishes to cancel the contract after the start of the fully paid treatment plan, all provided services will be re-calculated and charged to the client based on the original prices before any discounts and remaining amount will be refunded to client. – If any – .
  4. In case the client wishes to change the type of service agreed on the contract, all above mentioned cancellation terms will be applied and remaining balance will be transferred to the new service. – If any -.
  5. In case the team arrived to the home and patient cancelled the appointment on site, he/she will be charged for a full payment of the visit.
  6. The treatment will be cancelled if no body open the door and the team is waiting for more than 15 minutes.
  7. All cancellation/rescheduling request is subject to treating physician evaluation to ensure from the maximum improvement for the client.

Your Home Health Care program will be discontinued in the event of the following:

  1. Your goals have been met.
  2. If admitted to any hospital for more than 48 hours.
  3. 3 times of consecutive (Cancel on Site) without notifying HHC department.
  4. If traveling / stopping for more than 5 days and will require a new referral if follow up is required.
  5. Any ethical misconduct by the patient / family toward the HHC staff.
  6. Lack of funding.