A qualified Nurse is appointed to take care of those who need assistance in performing all medical services.

           Medical team Services:

  • Head to toe nursing assessment
  • Give medications – injections
  • Set up and Educate on medications
  • Tracheostomy changes, cleaning, suctioning
  • Vaccines
  • Braden scale (pressure ulcer risk assessment)
  • Wound care – assessing, cleaning and dressing wounds
  • Foley catheters – place, remove and flush
  • IV’s – start, discontinue
  • Tube (enteral) feedings
  • Gastrostomy tube changes
  • Colostomy, ileostomy care
  • Give and set up oxygen
  • Vital signs monitoring (blood pressure, temperature, pulse, respirations, oxygen saturation, blood glucose)
  • Assist patient by transferring from bed to wheelchair and vice versa, ambulation, positioning and range of motion exercises
  • Giving full and partial body bed bath, shampoo, shower or tub bath
  • Assist with oral feedings
  • Bed making and changing of linens (occupied and unoccupied bed)
  • Baby –  feeding, bed bath, dressing and vital sign monitoring
  • Giving oral care and proper hygiene to patients of all ages
  • Observe for and report any redness, breakdown on the skin
  • Assist with toileting
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