Our Promise

Our sincere promise is to always provide the highest quality and safest patient care in the home that is driven by our passion, compassion, and commitment to excellence. Why? Our patients and their families deserve only the best.

360 Preventive Package

- General check-up for employees.
- Facility inspection to ensure that preventive actions made against coronavirus.
- Training, educational and practical course about virus prevention.
- Providing substances and equipment and sterilizing the entire facility.
-Providing the facility with forms and check lists.

The medical team has distinguished ways of dealing with the elderly. I did not need to transfer my mother to the hospital. Adeed provided her with all the amenities and care at home.

Saad Al-Arwan (Elderly Preventive Package and physical therapy for his mother)

My mother used to refuse any interference from any medical staff, but “Adeed” broke the rule, changed my mother’s condition,she started physical therapy, and accepted the nursing staff and services.

Saud Al-Otaibi (Physiotherapy And Nursing Service For His Mother)

Excellent service and there is keenness on continuous follow-up by the management and the medical staff treat the patient as if he is a member of his family


Taher Al-Dabagh (Elderly Preventive Package and Nursing Services For His Mother)